Preparing and freezing fresh sabzi for Khoresht e Ghormeh sabzi

Sabzi or herbs for Khoresht e Ghormeh Sabzi can be bought in dried form from any Iranian grocery store. Or you can use fresh by simply preparing  and freezing them  for use at a later date. If you grow your own herbs, it’s a good idea to do this when you harvest them in preparation for use over colder months. You can always freeze those herbs you have fresh and add the others in dried form  when you are ready to cook. I usually do this. Some fresh herbs are available all year round, like parsley, spinach and coriander. Fennugreek I add in dried form.


Use equal parts of each herb

  • spinach or esfenaj
  • coriander or gheshniz
  • Dill or shivid
  • Parsley or jafari
  • Fennugreek or shambalileh
  • Leek chives or tareh


  • Soak all the herbs or sabzi in water and then rinse
  • Remove all the stalks, you only want the leaves


  1. Chop all the herbs into small pieces. It will take some time if you do this by hand. If you have a food processor you can use that instead. Although I quite enjoy the chopping process if I have time.
  2. Place all the ingredients in a frying pan on a medium to low  heat and without water or oil, cook the water from soaking off the sabzi. You should see lots of steam. when this has more or less stopped, add a little oil and fry until the sabzi turns dark . The herbs will shrink down and you will have only a fraction of what you began with.
  3. At this point either add it to your meat or take it off the heat and allow it to cool.
  4. If you’re planning to freeze the sabzi for use at a later date, place it in a plastic sandwich bag and flatten out and freeze immediately.

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