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Love life, eat well and cook PERSIAN

I’m always  busy in my kitchen cooking up some gastronomic feast  or other.  Mainly but not  exclusively, a range of tried and tested  mouth-watering recipes from Iran.  Here  on my blog you will  find everything you need to know about Iranian cooking all in one place.  Not only recipes galore but nutritional information,  medicinal properties of the ingredients you will be using, tips and short cuts: the myths of Iranian cooking is made easy with  step by step instructions and pictures and using ingredients available across the globe and at most supermarkets.

When I first tried  to look for the English names of herbs used in Persian recipes , I couldn’t always find them . So I have  added several posts  about Sabzi, or Persian herbs: what they are in farsi and with their English names, their nutritional values, which sabzi to use for different recipes, Sabzi Khordan, how to prepare and freeze them in advance and how to grow your own. I hope you find it useful.

I have  coeliac disease ( an allergy to gluten found in wheat, barley and oats) and have found that almost all Persian cooking can be gluten-free. When I come across a recipe containing gluten I have adapted those dishes with substitutes which have not detracted from the taste of the dish. Over the years I have had to check out every part of my diet and find adaptations to compensate for my allergy and I have gained a considerable wealth of knowledge about what I eat and feed my family.

Eating well is vital for a healthy mind and body. Persian food is perfect for me with my allergy but it is also one of the healthiest diets I know.   It’s well a balanced  diet , packed full with essential  nutrients  from all food groups and I can eat and eat to my hearts content and not gain weight!

What ever you cook, cook from your heart with love. Love life, eat well and cook Persian.

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  1. this is a nice surprise, did n’t know you were so talented. I am getting hungry by just looking at all that sabzi. nice work, my compliments.

  2. Hello

    My name is Joseph Stephan, and I work in the domain of online food recipes. I discovered your blog and I really liked it.

    I would like to contact you and discuss some issues about your blog, but unfortunately I could not find you email address.

    If you don’t mind, could you please send your email address to joseph@shahiya.com.

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Thankyou for your wonderful blog!
    My father used to make wonderful Persian food for me but we have not spoken for a long time. Your website includes all of my old favourites! Thankyou!xx

  4. Hello there,
    I’m from India, and I absolutely agree that cooking rice is an art. I have found that Persian recipes are VERY SIMILAR to Indian ones, and am dying to try out some Persian polows from your blog.
    Please keep up the great work, and here’s wishing you all the very best,

    1. Hi Ararnath ,,, yes there are many similarities I know!!! Let me know which ones you try and how you find them. And thank you so much for your kind comments and for visiting my blog 🙂

  5. Bought lots of saffron recently in a souk in Egypt, and came across your blog when looking for new recipes to help use it up. What luck I have to find such lovely dishes here. Will let you know how I get on…!

  6. I am in love with your blog and your recipes!! I have the same food allergies and truly enjoy foods from the middle east which I never have to change any ingredients and can just use the recipe as is.

    Thank you SO much for taking the time to post this information, I will use it happily and make many tasty dishes!

    1. Dear Annie … that’s brilliant news :)) Im so happy to have been able to provide them. I love to hear from fellow allergics /readers who use the recipes. It makes it worthwhile. And thanks for taking the time to let me know. 🙂

  7. I am gluten allergic( not celiac though). I am so happy to have found a website that is gluten free and eastern. OMG. You have no idea how thrilled I am. I have been dying to have jelebi for the last 2 years and here you have such an easy solution. Thank you so much. I hope you the best.

  8. I hate Iranian cooking with beef. Whats the matter with you people. You advocate Iranian cooking and you are toppling Iranian cooking standards with this beef rubbish. All authentic Iranian cooking should be with lamb, and yet for some reason the blogger here mentions beef in almost everything. Whoever thought that in Iran they ate beef then you are delusional. Beef was never used in any Iranian cooking at all as it alters the flavour utterly through and through. Please at least be honest with our global viewers about the proper ingredients, if thats not too much trouble.

  9. I have just returned from a family holiday in Iran and was longing for torshi and ab limu! Your collection of recipes are great and I am bookmarking it to satisfy future cravings I may have for things Persian!

  10. Here is good (Persian / American) reciepie for left over turkey from Thanks Giving that my sister in-law taught me this year.

    Shreaded Turkey (dark meat is best)
    Add eggs

    Stir it together so there is enough to coat the turkey well and fry it like dumplings on a hot frying pan to make koko Turkey.

  11. Hi, Javane! Just wanted to say how happy I am to have found your blog. I’m gluten free, too, and I love Persian food. (Actually, I like anything as long as it’s GF, pescetarian, and delicious.) I’m planning to make lubia polou next week (with itty-bitty prawns instead of meat, yum!), and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my parents like it enough for me to make it again.

    I don’t suppose you’ve got any GF bread recipes? I haven’t seen any yet, though I might have just missed it. I miss naan and pita, and I’d love a good recipe to make my own with.

    Thanks again! 🙂

    1. Hi you are so very welcome and yes almost all these recipes are gf. As for nan … well I have had some sucess although the bread does not keep well at all. Really it must be consummed on the same day you make it. I will look it out for you and post soon. 🙂

  12. hi, i love your blog! very informative. i also noticed that you make money off of surveys? hmm, is this legitimate? i’m curious! let me know.. thanks.

  13. Well laid out site with lots of interesting recipes as I’m gluten allergic the lack of wheat grains is good to see

    I’ve been using potato cakes instead of flat breads, works very well as breads are the biggest problem with no gluten

    As a vegan the choice of dishes is a welcome relief

    Good luck

  14. I just found your excellent blog and I really love it ! I’m sorry if you have already answered this question in your blog, but what brand of saffron do you use ? Also, what is your Twitter I couldnt find it on your website ?

    1. Thank you very much 🙂 I look for the best quality and usually someone brings it from Iran for me. Iranian saffron is stronger in colour and flavour than from other countries such as Spain. always go for the best quality. My Twitter is javaneskitchen 🙂

  15. Love the website, Merci Khanum! Merci! Any chance you might share a recipe for Persian Chicken with Safron & Dried Cherry Rice?

  16. Thank you for the work you’ve done sharing these outstanding recipes. Your clear instructions and excellent photographs are inspiring! I return frequently to consult your recipes.

  17. what is the brown sprinkle spice on the Iranian table that is sprinkled dry on top of your food – kinda like we use pepper – they use this… what is it called? Thanks…

  18. Javaneh-jan, I thoroughly explored your blog and enjoyed every moment. You have covered quite a bit of Persian Cuisine. It is good to know that many Persian dishes are gluten-free. Looking forward to your new posts. 🙂 ~ Fae.

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